French Drains

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French drains are both aesthetically appealing and good for your home.

Excess water build up can cause dry rot in your home’s under-flooring, support beams, siding or in the fences in your yard.

French drains are an elegant solution to rid yourself of built up water on your property.

At LCS Builders we can create a beautiful french drain that not only serves it’s purpose but can add value to your landscaping scheme as well

French drains are created by first looking at the natural slope and potential water flow of your property. Then we dig a trench to take advantage of ths natural water flow.

Once the trench is completed we lay down a waterproof liner and a collection system that helps the water flow past the original areas where it used to collect.

Then we cover fill in and cover the entire trench with gravel and / or natural stone to match or compliment the existing landscape f you yard.


Areas We Service For French Drains