Foundation Repairs

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Foundation problems are no laughing matter, it is literally the foundation of your home.
Living in California with it’s earthquakes, it simply something that you can’t put off until tomorrow.
You need to start your foundation repairs today. You may have a damaged foundation and not even know it.
Cracked walls, tilting chimneys, un-square corners, sticking windows, doors that won’t close, could all be signs of a cracked foundation.

Foundations can settle and move creating a situation where you might need foundation repairs. Older homes are typically more susceptible to foundation problems, especially if they were built on expansive clay or the soil was not properly compressed before the foundation was created. Whatever the case, a faulty foundation can destroy the value of your home and can create a very unsafe environment for you and your family. And the longer you wait, the worse it gets.
Put all those worries out of your head, call LCS Builders today. We will perform an thorough and complete inspection of your foundation and let you know exactly what needs to be done. Often times a foundation only needs minor repairs or simple reinforcement.


Areas We Service For Foundation Repairs